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Engagement levels for different topics in the fashion industry

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We continuously gather data from your market on social media


Using proprietary analysis tools, we extract the specific information that can help your business achieve success


The information is presented to you through easy-to-understand dashboards and reports

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The solution we are building is an automatic system for collecting, cleaning, and analysing user-generated content on social media. Through this, we provide you with an oversight, identify trends, and figure out what drives high engagement in your market of choice. This gives you insight into what your market actually wants, and gives you concrete advice on how your business can position itself strategically.

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Our vision is to provide systems that allow organizations to better understand their market and consumers, allowing them to develop better marketing, communication, and products. We believe this is of benefit to all stakeholders as it can allow businesses to compete in dynamic and fast-moving markets that conventionally come with a high degree of uncertainty.

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